The FUR-REAL reason we created the Tooth Furry…

For more than 30 years our non-profit, Owie BowWowie and Friends has been giving comfort to hospitalized children in the form of a plush dog named Owie BowWowie.  Owie is 14” tall, filled with love, and was created specifically for hospitalized children and the children love him.

A few years ago, our foundation realized that with more than 1.5 million registered non-profits… our family, friends, and supporters were not only giving to us but each day was also being asked to give money to numerous other non-profits and we started to feel that we could do more to help us give our Owie’s BowWowie’s to the children without always asking for money.

And therefore, The Tooth Furry was created.

It is our hope that by creating The Tooth Furry, who will comfort your child while he/she waits for the Tooth Fairy to arrive, that you know that your purchase will help us comfort a hospitalized child.

Each year there are more than 20 million children are hospitalized with a life-threatening illness and a little less than six million of these children have no family or friends who are able to visit them.
Owie BowWowie is comfort and joy disguised as a toy and it’s our mission to comfort the hurts and hearts of children who are hospitalized and in need of a comforting friend.

Will you join us today and help us give comfort away?